About Us

Meet Meghan the founder:

After moving to Milwaukee, Meghan became an advocate of the city life! When she is not filling her days being a full-time dental hygienist or a part time stylist, you will find her immersing herself in entrepreneur projects! After doing a ghost tour on a vacation with her husband Brecken in the fall of 2012, Meghan thought to herself, Milwaukee needs this, and so City Tours MKE was born. After many months of researching, Meghan found that Milwaukee had so much more to offer than its beer history, it was littered with urban legends and lost tails.

Meghan started with the haunted tours in the fall of 2013, then followed the Holiday Lights Tour that same year but always wanted more. Like a true entrepreneur Meghan has now decided to bring a unique twist to the tours by adding the MKE cruiser along with some other great adventures.

We welcome you to hop aboard the MKE Cruiser and see the city through the eyes of a local!